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Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Fort Collins, CO

Remove Teeth That Affect Your Oral Health!

Are you experiencing pain in the back of your mouth but aren’t sure why? Are you confused why you’re experiencing tooth pain, even though you were told by the dentist that your mouth is free of cavities and gum disease? Chances are if you’re experiencing pain in this area, you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Why Do My Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

If you’re told by Dr. Lindsey that your wisdom teeth need to be removed, you’re probably asking yourself “Why me?” The fact of the matter is wisdom tooth extractions are far more common than you’d think. First, let’s consider the history behind wisdom teeth.

Thousands of years ago, humans used wisdom teeth as backup molars when their current molars would break down. This is largely because oral habits were not well practiced back then, nor was a wide variety of foods accessible. Thanks to changes in these developments, wisdom teeth are no longer needed and more likely to pose a threat to oral health rather than aid it.

While wisdom teeth have long become obsolete, many people still experience their eruption, typically between the ages of 18 and 25. Their eruption will typically cause symptoms like pain in the back of the mouth, swelling, a breakdown of existing gum tissue and eventually long-term oral health problems. For example, wisdom teeth can cause crowding and misalignment, which puts healthy teeth at risk. It can also result in an infection if the tooth becomes trapped underneath neighboring teeth gum tissue. These are the most common reasons why you may need your wisdom tooth or teeth extracted.

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

Treatment options can vary for wisdom tooth extractions depending on the current state of your teeth. For example, if your wisdom teeth have already erupted, a simple extraction can be performed. However, if the teeth have not yet erupted or have become impacted, meaning they’re stuck underneath neighboring teeth, a surgical extraction will be needed.

Regardless of the circumstances, the general procedure for wisdom tooth removal in Fort Collins is pretty straightforward. After the tooth and the area surrounding the tooth are numbed with local anesthetic, Dr. Lindsey will use an elevator to gently rock your tooth back and forth until the periodontal ligament is broken, then use a pair of dental forceps to extract the tooth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery

After your treatment, it’s important that you follow all aftercare tips to avoid complications later.