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Tooth Extractions – Ft. Collins, CO

Protecting Your Smile for the Future

A dental instrument lying on a table and holding a tooth after performing a tooth extraction in Ft. CollinsDr. Shiloh Lindsey wants you to keep your natural, healthy teeth, and she will do everything she can to make this happen. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that are out of her control and require the removal of a tooth. When this happens, she and her team will first and foremost keep your safety and comfort in mind before beginning any procedure. Whether caused by poor oral hygiene, an impacted wisdom tooth, or you need orthodontic treatment, a tooth extraction in Ft. Collins will serve to improve your smile in the long run.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

A female patient smiling after undergoing a tooth extractionIt is likely that when you hear the words “tooth extraction,” you think of teeth that are severely decayed or damaged and need to be removed. While this scenario is true, there are other reasons why you might need this type of procedure, including:

  • Wisdom teeth are impacted and negatively effecting nearby, healthy teeth
  • A patient requires orthodontics but has crowded teeth and needs additional room for successful treatment
  • A patient needs full or partial dentures and certain teeth need to be removed

Should you require an extraction because of increased pain, tooth sensitivity, or damaging infection, your emergency dentist in Ft. Collins will promptly help you achieve relief from the discomfort you’re experiencing and eliminate the infection.

The Extraction Procedure

A middle-aged man smiling during a follow-up visit after having a tooth removedThere are two different types of extraction procedures: simple and surgical. During a simple extraction, Dr. Lindsey will numb the problem tooth and gently apply force to remove it from its socket. These are most commonly performed when a tooth has fully erupted and is easily accessible.

A surgical extraction on the other hand requires a bit more effort. First, Dr. Lindsey will administer a numbing agent to the area around your tooth before making a small incision in the gums. If necessary, the tooth will be removed in pieces to ensure increased safety.

No matter which method is necessary for your extraction, you can trust that we will ensure your safety and comfort as well as provide all the necessary information for a swift and successful recovery at home.

Replacing Your Missing Teeth

An older woman holding her face between her hands and smiling to show off her new denturesOnce a tooth is removed from your oral cavity, it is important that we replace it in a timely manner. While wisdom teeth do not need to be replaced, your other teeth do, as untreated missing teeth can lead to additional bone and tooth loss as well as changes in your facial shape. Whether you prefer a fixed bridge, full or partial dentures, or dental implants, Dr. Lindsey can help you identify which one is right for you, so you can begin to see a fully restored and healthy smile in no time at all.