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Root Canal Therapy – Ft. Collins, CO

Ridding You of Pain and Infection

No one ever wants to hear that they need a root canal, but we are lucky that they are an option. Without root canal therapy in Ft. Collins, many patients would lose more teeth than they have to. Fortunately, Dr. Shiloh Lindsey is highly trained and experienced in providing root canals to save her patients’ teeth while protecting them for the future. If you have untreated damage, decay or infection, call our office to set up an appointment to take your first step towards positive oral health.

Why Choose Aspen Dental Care for Root Canals?

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is both a part of your tooth (the inside of your tooth roots) and a procedure. Inside of your tooth, there is a material called dental pulp that contains sensitive nerve endings. This area is protected by your outside enamel, but when it becomes damaged or decayed, the dental pulp inside can become infected. This abscess or infection will typically occur in your tooth roots. This not only causes serious pain, but it can hurt your oral health and even result in losing your tooth. Thankfully, a root canal cleans away any infected or damaged tissue from your tooth and its roots, sealing it after to keep your tooth safe and strong in the future.

How Do I Know if I Need a Root Canal?

Because root canals deal with the inner portion of your tooth, the most common reason for needing one is heavy decay or infection. You may need a root canal if you experience these common symptoms:

Why Root Canals Shouldn’t Be Feared

When most people hear the phrase “root canal” they may automatically become frightened or anxious. Despite the bad reputation that root canals have, there’s no reason to fear them. In fact, root canal therapy is actually used to get you out of pain rather than cause it. Dr. Lindsey expertly performs root canals to save your tooth from extraction and prevent further decay, damage, or infection. While root canals may not be at the top of your list of fun activities, this necessary treatment can save your tooth and improve your health.

The Process of Receiving a Root Canal

After deciding that a root canal is the best treatment for you, you will be made numb and comfortable. Dr. Lindsey will clean away any decayed, damaged, or infected tissue. She will keep as much of your natural tooth structure intact while reaching into your tooth to remove infected and decayed tissue that is causing you pain. Once the infected tissue is removed, she will fill your tooth with a material called gutta-percha to strengthen it. Then, she will restore your tooth with a crown or filling, depending on the size of the affected area. This process relieves you of pain today and protects your tooth for the future.