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Mouthguards & Nightguards

Custom-Made & Quality Smile Protection 

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Your teeth not only provide a beautiful appearance, but they also allow you to speak and eat, making them almost impossible to live without. That’s why protecting them is incredibly important. Thankfully, your dentist in Ft. Collins offers custom-made mouthguards, nightguards, and sportsguards to protect your smile. Keep reading to see what type of oral appliance you could benefit from and why ours are better than store-bought options.

Mouthguards for Grinding


Do your teeth look shorter? It could be because of worn tooth enamel from grinding. The problem with teeth grinding is that it happens while you sleep, which is why you may not notice it until there are obvious effects. At Aspen Dental Care, we offer mouthguards for nighttime teeth grinding to protect your teeth and help you sleep. Believe it or not, grinding your teeth at night can even increase your chance of lack of sleep, headaches, and jaw problems. We will take images and impressions of your smile to create a custom-made oral appliance that can protect your teeth for years to come.

Nightguards for TMJ Issues


Do you have trouble or discomfort when chewing/moving your jaw? Does the mobility of your jaw feel limited? You may have TMJ disorder. This painful problem can interfere with your day-to-day activities and affect your overall health. That’s why we offer nightguards for TMJ, which are custom-made splints that fit over your upper and lower teeth. This not only protects your teeth from wear, but it allows your jaw muscles to recover during sleep, which also gives you better rest. Every jaw is different, which is why all of our splints are tailored to meet your specific needs.


Female boxer with mouthguard

Whether you play sports yourself or have an active little one at home, our professional sportsguards are designed to last longer, protect teeth better, and even reduce concussion in the head more effectively than anything you can find in store. Sportsguards aren’t just for sports either. Many children have dental injuries playing with friends or on the playground.

 Additionally, studies have shown that about 40% of dental injuries that occur in team sports happen during baseball or basketball. While these sports aren’t necessarily thought of as “contact,” dental injury is still quite possible. Our personalized sportsguards can last years longer than store bought solutions, but more importantly, they are much more effective at reducing injury and concussion.