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Do I really Need To Visit the Dentist Ft. Collins Trusts Twice a Year?

October 3, 2015

Man smiling in dental chair happy to visit the dentist ft. collins residents loveIn recent years, the dental field has shifted its focus from treating oral health issues to preventing dental concerns. This preventive focus allows dentists to diagnose and treat oral health issues at the earliest possible stage meaning more people than ever before are able to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. At Aspen Dental Care, Dr. Shiloh Lindsey recommends twice annual dental checkups and cleanings in order for patients to achieve and maintain the optimal level of oral health, and protect their smiles from more severe dental damage down the line.

TMJ Pain

December 4, 2013


If you suffer from earaches or find it difficult to open your mouth all the way, you may be suffering from TMJ pain. TMJ, temporomandibular joint, pain is something that is very common, but a lot of people do not know what they can do to alleviate their pain.

The temporomandibular joint is located where the lower jaw meets the skull, and it allows your mouth to open and close with ease. A lot of factors can affect the joint, like stress, high emotions, grinding teeth, and a misaligned bite. The pain associated with TMJ can be sharp and piercing, leaving you orally crippled. Some ways your dentist may help with your TMJ pain is making a mouth guard for you. This mouth guard prevents your jaw from clenching and your teeth from grinding. A custom mouth guard will be made just for you, as everyone’s mouth is different.

Another way to help with TMJ pain is doing simple jaw exercises and massages. The massages will increase circulation to your jaw, and alleviate some of the pain. The jaw exercises will help you regain control of your jaw muscles, allowing you to open your mouth with ease and prevent clenching.

Good posture can also help with your TMJ pain. A relaxed jaw and straight back helps align your jaw, releasing a bit of pain. Good nutrition helps as well. Try to stay away from hard, chewy foods, take small bites, and alternate chewing between the sides of your mouth.

If you feel as though you suffer from TMJ pain, contact your local dentist, and they will be able to assess your concerns.

TMJ Therapy for Aching Jaws

July 1, 2013

TMJ therapyMany people may not become familiar with their temporomandibular joints (TMJ) until they’re having a problem. These small joints are found in front of your ears and help attach your jawbone to your skull. When there’s a problem, these joints can cause you extreme discomfort and even have problems functioning properly. This condition is called TMJ disorder.  If you suffer from TMJ disorder, your dentist can help with specialized TMJ therapy plans.

TMJ therapy helps to alleviate the stress on your jaw and help encourage it to function as normal once again. Your dentist will start by analyzing your smile. This condition could be caused by a misaligned bite and could go away once your teeth are back in the proper position. It could also be caused by stress, nighttime teeth grinding, or even fatigue. The important thing is to have your condition properly diagnosed and identify the specific causes so that your treatment plan will be targeted and as effective as possible.

Other TMJ therapy options include an oral appliance to help stop teeth grinding, techniques to alleviate stress, and temporarily avoiding certain foods until the condition improves. Your dentist will develop a custom treatment plan that is suited for your specific case.

If you’re experiencing jaw pain, you should consider giving your dentist a call. If the pain persists, it could be a sign that you have a TMJ disorder and might require TMJ therapy. Your Ft. Collins dentist is here to help alleviate discomfort, restore function to your jaw and overall improve your oral health.

"You far exceeded anything I expected. I felt the positive vibes the minute I went inside. I never thought I would say I enjoyed going to the dentist, but I did....even don't mind the coming major work to be done. I can't think of a thing to change." - Kay
"We always feel that not only are we getting quality care from you and your staff, but that you all help make the experience comfortable." - Marilyn
"Julia is great. Thanks also for calling me to let me know the start time would be delayed. Very considerate!!!!!" - Steve
"Michelle and Dr. Lindsey were wonderful and explained everything to me in detail (realizing I have a lot of work to do). Teeth and gums will be in much better shape on my next visit. THANKS!!!!!!"" - Charles

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