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What Can You Do About a Diastema?

September 17, 2020

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Gap between the front teeth

Do you have a gap between your front teeth? If it is wider than 0.5 millimeters, that means that you have a diastema. Don’t worry, this isn’t generally harmful in any way and can happen to both kids and adults. Although treatment isn’t usually required in order to fix this, many people prefer to address solutions to their dentist for cosmetic reasons. Continue reading to learn more about the causes of a diastema and what your dentist can do to correct it.

What Causes Diastemas?

Many different factors can contribute to diastemas. Here are some of the most common reasons that people develop them:

  • Small teeth: You’re your teeth are on the smaller side in relation to the jawbone, you can develop gaps between them. For most, this is a genetic characteristic. Often times, you see multiple people in the same family with them.
  • Gum disease: If you have an advanced stage of gum disease, it is possible for your teeth to migrate and create gaps that weren’t there previously. Over time, you could have issues like loose teeth or tooth loss.
  • Missing teeth: For those suffering from tooth loss, it isn’t uncommon for gaps to develop between other teeth. This is more common when the teeth on the sides of the front teeth are either missing or undersized.
  • Bad habits: If you have had a habit of thumb sucking, lip sucking, or tongue thrusting, this could be the cause of your diastema.
  • Oversized labial frenum: The labial frenum is the tissue that extends from the inside of the upper lip to the gum that’s above the upper front teeth. If this tissue is on the larger side, it can form a gap between the teeth.

How Can Diastemas Be Corrected?

There are many different ways that you could go about closing this gap between the teeth. Here are some of the most common ones that your dentist may suggest:

  • Clear braces: Your dentist can work out a plan involving clear braces in order to close gaps in your smile.
  • Porcelain veneers: When the diastema is a result of undersized teeth, this is a great option. Veneers are wafer thin shells of porcelain that are secured over the surface of your teeth to correct imperfections.
  • Cosmetic bonding: This is a resin that your dentist applies and molds to the surface of your teeth, hardening it with a special light.
  • Gum disease treatment: If your diastema is caused by periodontal disease, this treatment would be necessary first. After the infection is gone, you can consider cosmetic options.
  • Surgery: For diastemas resulting from an oversized labial frenum, surgery could be the solution.

If you have a diastema that you aren’t comfortable showing off, ask your dentist about possible cosmetic options. Together you can work towards a smile that you can display with confidence.

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