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3 Benefits of Getting Dentures

October 5, 2019

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According to the American College of Prosthodontics, about 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth. If you suffer from tooth loss, you’re not alone, and there are several options available to you to restore the function and feel of your mouth. Have you wondered will dentures help your sunken mouth or be able to improve your self-confidence? In short, yes, they will. Read on to learn three ways that this customized solution to tooth loss can benefit you. 

Preserving Your Facial Structure

Each of your teeth have roots that are fused with your jawbone and keep it stimulated. When you lose them, the bone no longer has proper blood flow, and when it’s not being used, it will begin to deteriorate. While this is a huge problem among many patients suffering from tooth loss, the most noticeable side-effect of this issue is that the facial structure will begin to appear saggy or droopy.

Dentures help fill and restore the shape of your mouth so it doesn’t appear worn-down and sunken in. They customized to fit snuggly over your gums, so your facial shape will be preserved for decades to come.

Restoring Your Confidence

For most patients, missing teeth causes their self-esteem and confidence to plummet. With gaps and holes in your smile, it becomes hard to laugh and speak without being self-conscious. If you find ways to avoid showing your teeth or laughing by covering your mouth with your hands, or keeping your lips sealed tight, then you could benefit from dentures. They will restore your ability to speak clearly and fill your mouth with pearly whites again so nobody will be focused on the holes in your smile. With the latest advancements in dental technology, dentures look more realistic and natural than ever. You’ll be able to laugh, smile, and speak with complete confidence.

Eat the Foods You Enjoy

One huge downside about having missing teeth is that you aren’t able to eat the foods that you love. Even when you do try to eat foods, you won’t be able to properly chew them, meaning your body won’t absorb all of the vitamins and minerals in what you eat. With dentures, you’ll be able to switch back to your routine diet. Because they’re customized to fit your unique mouth shape, you won’t have to worry about experiencing discomfort or frustration while you chew. They’ll securely fit over your gums, making chewing easier and improving your digestion.

Living without dentures when you need them can cause your self-esteem to lower and significantly decrease your overall quality of life. Some people have a difficult time accepting that they have gaps in their smile, and the last thing they want to do is cave in and get dentures. However, these replacement teeth are exactly what you need. Once you experience all the benefits associated with them, you’ll regret taking so long to invest in them. The best way to start your journey towards restoring the look and function of your mouth is to schedule a consultation with your dentist today!

About the Author

Dr. Shiloh Lindsey is committed to improving her patients’ quality of life by offering the latest restorative solutions that dentistry has to offer. She has a large menu of services to improve her patients’ quality of life, including but not limited to, same-day crowns, dentures, implants, and bridges. She enjoys taking the time to get to know her patients and understand what oral problems they suffer from, allowing her to provide them with the best customized treatment plans for their unique needs. For questions or to schedule a consultation for dentures, visit Aspen Dental Care’s website or call 970-482-3166.

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