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Your Children’s Dentist in Ft. Collins Says Celebrate Oral Health!

February 10, 2019

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Every February, dentists around the country join forces to promote National Children’s Dental Health Month, a period set aside to encourage both parents and children to make oral care a priority. It’s also a time to celebrate by establishing a firm foundation for your child’s oral health. As you read on, your children’s dentist in Ft. Collins explains how to fortify your child’s teeth and gums and contribute to better total wellness!

Why is Oral Health so Important for Children?

The reason an emphasis is placed on improving children’s oral health is the formative years are best for starting positive trends. Research shows that most adults with poor oral health developed neglectful habits in their childhood, such as eating foods devoid of any nutritional value and failing to practice proper oral hygiene.

As a parent, you have an opportunity to set a new bar of excellence that will follow your little one throughout his or her life and help to cultivate a healthy, strong and beautiful smile that will last for years to come. But first, you’ll need to take action while following some simple guidelines.

#1 – Make Oral Hygiene Fun

One way to encourage consistent brushing and flossing is to make the process fun. You can build excitement by letting your child select a toothbrush and toothpaste that feature his or her favorite character. Therefore, performing oral hygiene will become an anticipated event.

#2 – Perform Oral Hygiene Together

Another effective way to generate enthusiasm about oral care is to brush and floss along with your child. This provides time for bonding, and it’s also a way to demonstrate the proper technique for each activity.

#3 – Offer Fruits for Sweet Cravings

If your little one is like most kids, then he or she loves to eat and drink items loaded with sugar, which happens to be a favorite of bacteria. An alternative that contains naturally-occurring sugar that can be better digested is fruit.

By making this adjustment, you can better protect your child from cavities while also providing a health-boost.

#4 – Make Dental Visits Exciting

For some children, dental appointments can be a little scary. One way to get around that is to take your child in for an unofficial visit to meet all the staff and to get acquainted with the facility.

Then, when it’s time for an actual appointment, it won’t be a shock. After the visit has concluded, you can then do something fun so your little one has fond memories of receiving dental care.

The primary focus here is to be proactive. Taking these small steps to ensure your child receives the care needed and maintains the right habits, will pay dividends well into the future.

So to fortify your child’s oral health, reach out to your dentist in Ft. Collins to schedule a visit today!

About the Author

Dr. Shiloh Lindsey is a graduate of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center School of Dentistry. For nearly 20 years, she has been a fixture in the Ft. Collins area, yet she still remains eager to learn more. Thus, Dr. Lindsey takes several hours of continuing education annually to stay abreast of the latest changes in dentistry. She helps children experience the best in oral health at Aspen Dental Care, and she can be reached for more information through her website.

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