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Sedation Dentistry – Making your Dental Visit as Comfortable as Possible

February 13, 2013

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sedation dentistryDo you find yourself feeling nervous or anxious when you visit the dentist? Have you been delaying or avoiding appointments? Sedation dentistry may be the solution that you’ve been searching for.

Sedation dentistry is a name for a variety of methods that help to sedate you during dental procedures. There are a variety of types and strengths of sedation, depending on your needs and level of dental anxiety. This is also a great idea if you have a sensitive gag reflex or are embarrassed about how your teeth look currently. Depending on your needs and the dental work to be performed, your dentist will come up with the right option for you and your smile.

One of the mildest forms of sedation dentistry is nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as laughing gas. You inhale it through a mask and it will help relax you during dental procedures while still remaining conscious. Once the mask is removed, the effects will quickly fade.

Oral sedation is a popular method of sedation dentistry. You will be prescribed pills to take about an hour before your appointment. Depending on the type of pill and the dosage prescribed, the level of sedation can range from mild to moderate. You’ll need someone to drive you to and from your appointment. You will become very relaxed, and some patients drift off into a light sleep.

Other, more intense forms of sedation dentistry include IV sedation and general anesthesia. IV sedation works very quickly and allows the level of sedation to be changed easily. These can allow you to be nearly unconscious or totally unconscious, and will wake up with little or no memory of the procedure.

Sedation dentistry is a great way to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your dental visits. Many dentists offer this service, so you can find the right treatment for you. See for yourself how sedation dentistry can help you achieve a beautiful smile.

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